Psychological Assessment and Evaluation

Dr. Sarah King’s Evaluation Process:  Dr. King specializes in providing psychological evaluations for both children and adults.  Clients may be referred for evaluation by their primary care provider, psychiatric provider, mental health provider (e.g., therapist, other psychologist), employer or school, or may present on their own.  Dr. King will discuss the reasons for the assessment with the client (or parents) and certain assessment instruments will be selected to match the referral question.

The evaluation process begins with a diagnostic interview.  One or more assessment sessions are conducted with the client (and family members, when applicable).  Depending on the reason for evaluation, it may be beneficial for Dr. King to collect data from a variety of collateral sources with the client’s permission.  Such sources may include past/current therapists, psychiatric providers, primary care providers, schools, and family members.  Dr. King then spends time reviewing all of the data, determining diagnosis, formulating treatment recommendations, and putting together an evaluation report which summarizes the information.

Dr. King also provides an interactive feedback session where results and recommendations are reviewed with the client.  As part of the evaluation process, Dr. King recommends treatment approaches that are most likely to be effective for the client’s presenting problems and sends recommendations to current providers or provides referrals if needed.  Depending on the client’s preferences, Dr. King may provide the full report, a summary, or only diagnostic information to other providers for integrated care.

Evaluations Dr. King conducts: 

  • Psychological Evaluations (e.g., Diagnostic Clarification, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, PTSD)
  • Neurodevelopmental Evaluations (e.g., Autism, ADHD, Intellectual or Learning Disability)
  • Evaluations to aide in the determination of cause of problematic behavior in children
  • Substance Use Evaluations