What to Expect

If you are interested in seeking services with Dr. King, please contact her office to schedule an appointment.  If you can, please print off the appropriate forms under “client paperwork” and bring them to your first session.  Dr. King will explain clinic procedures including payment information, privacy practices, and confidentiality at the first session.  She will ask you a variety of questions and may have you complete some questionnaires to provide information about the presenting problem.

If you are presenting for therapy, Dr. King will discuss treatment options with you which may include individual sessions, family sessions, and/or group therapy.  For most clients, therapy is time-limited and progress will be monitored regularly.  When clients maintain treatment gains for a period of time, the frequency of sessions may be reduced and treatment is ended when both the client and therapist agree that the goals have been met.  If progress is not being made at an expected rate, concerns will be discussed and an alternative treatment approach will be employed.  While many mental health problems improve with only therapy, medications may be beneficial in some cases.  If it is determined that medication may be beneficial, Dr. King will provide referrals or work closely with your current prescriber to provide treatment.

If you are presenting for an evaluation, Dr. King will discuss the reasons for the assessment with you and certain techniques will be selected to match the referral question.  A copy of the assessment report will be sent to the requesting party.  If treatment recommendations are made, you are free to choose Dr. King or another provider for services. Please see the Psychological Assessment and Evaluation page for more information.